Enough is Enough!

We all to some degree understand stress and how it impacts us individually at a given moment. But have you thought of how stress takes it toll on your career? 2014 publication by American Psychological Association, American Institute of Stress says that 2 of the top 3 stressors in the US are job pressures and your health. 77% of all people exhibit physical symptoms. They found that stress costs employers $300 Billion/year in healthcare and lost productivity due to missed work.

Fatigue, irritability and anger are the top manifestations of stress followed by feeling nervous and being on the verge of tears. This is just for the general population.

Top that off with being a nurse and you have a double whammy. A study by Emory and University of Colorado in 2009 found that 86% of all nurses exhibit burnout syndrome and 22% to 40% had symptoms of PTSD.

From actuarial studies we know that nurses as a group have a higher rate of mortality and a disproportionately higher rate of disease and are higher consumers of healthcare than any other populations. As a hospital administrator, I remember discussions about this and the theory was the reason nurses had higher usage was because they had access to the doctors and know what to ask for. Well I say NO! It is because nurses are stressed to the gills and their bodies are saying “enough is enough.“

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