Milestones of Healing…Never thought I would say I love a power washer!

Today is a celebration day for me. I know it may seem crazy, but I power washed my in-laws’ house today and totally enjoyed every minute of it. It is about 80% humidity here and not a great comfort for this desert girl that is used to 7% humidity as the high, so anything with water is a welcome comfort. There were times I was not sure if I was sweating or if it was the spray from the hose. At any rate, I welcomed both.

You may be asking, “Why is she so excited about power washing a house?” Well, two years ago when we were here, we power washed their house. It was only a few months after leaving my stressed-out hospital job and I was still very sick. I remember holding the hose and only being able to wash part of the deck, and no way could I do the whole house.

I had a hard time holding my arms up and keeping the trigger pulled because I fatigued so quickly. I remember standing by as my husband Jim did all of the work. I remember my arms hurting, and feeling like I was jarred to my core as the water vibrated out of the hose. And then when it was finally done, I did not have the energy to do anything more. I recall coming inside and collapsing into the chair and falling asleep. I was toast the remainder of the day.

Today was a totally different story. I not only had the energy and stamina, but I also had no pain or struggle while doing it. Yes, Jim helped me, but only because my 5’-4” vertically challenged body did not lend itself to doing the roofline without getting the water under the siding. Classic comment from him, “Hey Kar, spray down, not up!” Even on my tiptoes and arms reaching for the sky there was no “spray down” happening for me, so he did the upper part and I did the rest.

After we were done I had energy to do laundry, make lunch, clean the kitchen and even take a shower. All without needing a nap or even feeling the desire for a nap. I even contemplated painting the deck railing but thank goodness I needed to get some work done. I really do not like painting but just to prove I was healed I would have done it today.

So, I share this with you as a beacon of hope. No matter where you are in your journey, take time to celebrate your healing. The milestone may be pounds lost, a medication no longer needed or not letting hurtful words ruin your day. Today my celebration is power washing a house and having energy to spare! What celebration is it for you?

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